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Why the Break/Fix Model Doesn’t Work

Break/Fix IT Support Has Many Disadvantages

Your business relies on technology, and in today’s complex business world, even a few hours of downtime can have long-term implications. This is why small and medium businesses have turned from a reactionary, break/fix method to a proactive, managed approach. But some businesses still see IT as just another utility, and this mentality can lead to higher costs, more downtime, and endless frustrations for owners, employees, vendors, and customers.

This blog will examine the break/fix model, its many disadvantages, and how Blue Net managed services offers a modern, proactive approach to your IT.

What is Break/Fix IT?

Break/fix IT refers to technology companies that charge hourly for the support they provide, and they follow a familiar pattern. In the early days, technology was treated like HVAC or plumbing. When the computers went down, an IT repair company was called and a technician came out to fix it. It is an on-demand, no-contract strategy for managing your IT infrastructure.

If your goal is to have a modern business that makes the most of technology, the break/fix model is completely inadequate for your needs.

Why The Break/Fix Model Doesn’t Work For Modern SMBs

Higher costs – While it seems cost effective at first, with break/fix, you are charged for every hour, every consultation, and every service performed. These costs can add up quickly. Callout fees are the only cost you know up front, and additional fees and expenses are a complete mystery until the technician knows what is wrong and how to fix it. This makes your IT budget planning a nightmare since you can’t control future issues. 

Opposing goals – A technician working on a break/fix model has no incentive to seek proactive solutions for your technology issues. While the break/fix model works great for an IT company that would charge by the hour, the main weakness is that it never has the best interests of the customer in mind. 

Longer downtime – If the repair company is busy, you might have to wait. It could be hours or days before a service provider responds, especially if your business hasn’t used them before. 

No long-term IT plans – A break/fix technician has a single goal—to get your systems back to normal. There is no plan for the future and no consultation about new technologies and how to incorporate them. They may suggest projects to improve your infrastructure or deploy tools like Microsoft SharePoint or Azure, but if you want their expertise, it will come at an additional cost. This lack of investment in your technology means your business makes advancements at a snail’s pace.

Blue Net Has a Better Way

A quality managed service partner is just that, a partner. Blue Net is dedicated to finding the best solutions for our IT partners. How?

Proactive network maintenance and monitoring – We solve problems before you are even aware of them. Compared to the break/fix model, we make sure your system has maximum uptime and responds to any incident, and if an issue does appear, we make sure it’s fixed within a guaranteed timeframe automatically. We’re here to resolve any issue, no matter how small, before it turns into something worse. 

Our costs are budget friendly – A managed services agreement is based on the level of service you require and the number of workstations in your business. You are never charged for additional calls, which makes your IT costs easy to estimate from one fiscal period to the next. We help you respond to busy times and slow periods alike, which makes your IT a scalable, controllable cost and not a mystery.

We are aligned with your goals – Perhaps the greatest benefit of a managed service provider is the peace of mind in knowing you have an IT ally that understands your business, provides easy and candid conversations about your technology, and actively works with you so you have the technology you need to achieve your business goals. Each industry has unique requirements and regulations for technology. Having an IT partner that knows your business and your goals puts you in the best position for success.

Managed Services from Blue Net is the Right Choice For Your Business

At Blue Net, our Minnesota managed services are the perfect complement to a business that wants to modernize, grow, and provide quality products or services. If your business has been calling for IT support when the computers go down, Blue Net has a better way. Reach out to us today, tell us a little about your business and the technology challenges you face, and let’s start a conversation about how we can help you modernize your business.

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Blue Net

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