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Blue Net O365 Value Session

The Value of Blue Net’s Office 365 Value Session

By Craig Yellick

Are you getting the full value of your investment in Microsoft Office 365? In my many years of working with clients I know the answer is almost certainly: No. Office 365 is a vast product and Microsoft is constantly adding features and functionality. It’s a fulltime job for my team of business solution architects and developers to stay on top of it all.

What typically happens is that an organization embraces the parts of Office 365 they already know about and understand, and then get on with their daily business. That’s reasonable and entirely understandable! And precisely why Blue Net offers our Office 365 Value Session: we help you match the many unknown or underappreciated capabilities with your specific business needs. You end up with a roadmap and priorities for addressing operational challenges and opportunities using the tools for which you’re already paying. Tools like SharePoint, Teams, Planner, To Do, Bookings, Power Automate and more.

If you’re a manager juggling multiple projects, this session will identify ways to make your teams more efficient and productive by leveraging the Office 365 products you already have.

If you’re in a human resources role, this session examines options for handling common tasks like paid time off (PTO) management, recruiting, training, new employee onboarding, annual review process and more using workflows to streamline and provide management transparency.

Any business process involving approvals and scheduling always gets plenty of attention in these sessions. Office 365 technology offers new and better ways to approach these duties.

How an Office 365 Value Session works: you assemble a group of managers or other process owners and Blue Net provides an experienced facilitator who guides a discussion of the challenges and opportunities being faced by the group. You focus on describing your needs and we’ll map them to Office 365 features and functionality, explaining options, benefits, and limitations. At the conclusion you’ll have a prioritized roadmap and a way to get started taking full advantage of this incredible collection of information technology.

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