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why microsoft azure nails it for SMB October Blog 2

Why Microsoft Azure and Azure Hosting From Blue Net Nails It for SMBs

Craig Yellick, VP Business Solutions

Make the Most out of Microsoft Azure

Small and medium businesses used to be at a disadvantage compared to larger companies in their industry. Licenses were how a business gained access to specialized applications and programs, which meant large enterprises were the only ones that had the resources to get the best possible technology to achieve their goals. With cloud computing through Microsoft Azure, small and growing businesses have access to the tools they need to improve growth and see better results. 

Blue Net Inc. works closely with businesses just like yours to get the most out of technology, and Microsoft Azure is an important first step to modernizing your business, harnessing the power of cloud computing, and using technology to ensure a brighter future. 

This blog will focus on how Microsoft Azure is the premier cloud infrastructure platform for small and medium businesses and how Blue Net Inc. is the managed services provider that will help you make the most out of it.

Is Microsoft Azure the Perfect SMB Solution?

The modern workplace is changing. In-house servers and local storage options are being supplanted by cloud technology. 

Scalability – The resources available through Azure cloud services are subscription-based, meaning SMBs no longer need to invest in lengthy contracts or buy software licenses they may not need for months or years to come. You simply pay for what you are using now, so you can quickly take advantage of new opportunities or scale back when you need to reduce costs. This is a significant advantage for SMBs where every budgeted dollar counts. 

Redundancy – Downtime is a business killer. It’s a hassle for employees and customers alike, but beyond a simple inconvenience, it is costly. Your systems must be available 24/7, and Microsoft Azure is a robust tool that guarantees uptime. Azure users can monitor and manage traffic and adjust during peak times when performance may be an issue.

Disaster Recovery – No business ever wants to lose data, but an SMB that loses data will find it to be very costly not only in money but also in goodwill and trust among vendors and customers. Businesses that lose data have difficulty recovering from the loss, which is why it’s smart to have a cloud-based disaster recovery failsafe to protect your vital data from human-made and natural threats. Azure site recovery services make sure your data and services are available regardless of the tragedy. 

Integration – Naturally, Azure integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products, but a little known fact about Azure is its ability to integrate with virtually any software. This makes it a superior choice when you have legacy databases, different operating systems, older application frameworks, and tools built in various programming languages that are vital to your day-to-day operations. Integration is one way Microsoft makes your transition to cloud computing as easy and painless as possible, primarily if your business has been operating the same way for years.

Security – One common issue for SMB owners is the security of data that is stored and accessed through the internet. It’s wise to make security a priority, especially when sensitive customer data is involved, and that point is not lost on Microsoft. They developed Azure using the most robust and modern security tools available, including encryption. More importantly, by using Azure, you have the largest business application developer’s security resources in the world at your back. 

Compliance – Any organization that is audited by a governing body and is compelled to adhere to rigorous industry standards and governmental regulations has to make sure their cloud computing option meets or exceeds these requirements. Azure offers solid compliance aspects, making it an ideal choice for businesses that need to comply with strict HIPAA or PCI DSS standards.

Blue Net Inc. Is Your Key to a Modern, Efficient Cloud Computing Future

With more employees working remotely and using their personal devices to access business data, with hackers looking to gain any edge they can to get access to your critical business data, and with competitors looking for any advantage to expand their market share, your business needs to make the most out of technology. Blue Net is here to help you achieve your business goals with Microsoft Azure. It’s surprisingly simple to move your important data to the cloud and, in the meantime, gain some critical advantages in the form of new tools and lower costs.

Call Blue Net today for more information, and we will show you how Microsoft Azure is the tool that will transform your business.

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