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Blue Net’s IT Managed Support Services for Minneapolis

As a managed service provider (MSP) for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Eagan, Blue Net offers a variety of solutions to fit every IT need. Understanding what we do and how we do it can help you discover how we can assist your organization.

What Are IT Managed Support Services for Minneapolis and Why Do They Matter?

Outsourced IT support for the Twin Cities used to be very expensive. The more issues a client had, the more attention was needed from the IT provider. The outdated way of handling this was the vendor charged for the time they spent on the client. This cleared the way for IT providers to make their money depending on how problematic a client was. 

Following this formula was bad for the service providers because it meant an unreliable revenue stream. At the same time, it was a disservice to clients because providers would only fix that particular issue and move on. It was a reactive service model that both sides benefited very little from.

Managed IT support for Minneapolis changes all of this. For a single, fixed monthly fee, the IT provider handles everything within the scope of a service level agreement. Proactive measures reduce the number of issues an organization has and refocus the provider’s and the client’s goals. There are many benefits to be had from IT managed support services for Minneapolis:

  • Holds Providers Accountable – Clients seek out support to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. A managed services agreement makes sure the IT provider does all it can to accomplish both of these goals because it’s also in their best interest to do so.
  • Provides Proactive Support – Instead of the client waiting for support, issues are remedied as soon as they are found. Further, the IT provider will take steps to make sure these issues never appear again, using permanent solutions instead of temporary ones.
  • Allows Strategic Planning – By aligning the goals with the help of IT consulting for Minneapolis, you can better plan for future growth and technology upgrades to reduce downtime and system outages.

Make Sure Your Minneapolis Business Has the Best Support

Blue Net understands that the hardware and software you use is the engine that allows you to connect with customers and deliver your products. This is why many businesses choose IT managed support services for Minneapolis from Blue Net for peace of mind. Our managed services for Minneapolis offers a variety of benefits beyond lower costs:

High Availability

Your network and technology always need to be available when you need them and your critical applications need to be constantly supported and updated. When these systems fail, you lose more than money; you lose trust from vendors and customers. Blue Net is efficient at making sure these business functions are always available and implementing procedures to get them back when they go down.

Future-Proof IT

The business world is always changing, and your organization needs a plan to stay relevant. Managed service providers have the same goal and are best equipped to see the future and find the most cost-effective way for you to get there.

Risk Management

No business is free from risk, but any impact can be minimized with proper planning and adherence to best practices. This is how a modern MSP approaches your technology, especially for security and compliance issues.

Get Peace of Mind With Our Managed IT Support Services

At Blue Net, our managed IT support services give you peace of mind knowing that your business technology is safe and secure.

Secure My Technology

Our IT Managed Support Services for Minneapolis Plans


  • BlueAssure Advantage: Do you have few or no IT staff and prefer to focus on your business instead? This comprehensive plan is designed for organizations like yours that need full-service end user support and managed services.
  • BlueAssure Plus: Looking for services to supplement your IT staff? This high-value plan is a good fit for businesses that need end user support and supplemental managed services.
  • BlueAssure Essentials: Do you have some of your IT needs addressed, but still need end user support? Blue Net’s team works in tandem with your IT team to deliver a complete IT solution for your business.


  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Advantage: Do you need help managing all your critical servers and networking devices? This device-based plan is a comprehensive solution for one simple price per device.
  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Plus: Do you need help managing your networking devices only? The Infrastructure Plus plan delivers comprehensive network management.

Get the Best in IT Managed Support Services for Minneapolis

Blue Net strives to deliver the high quality IT services businesses need to enhance their business operations. In addition, we work hard to provide these solutions with excellent customer service. With us by your side, you won’t have to worry about your IT again.

Blue Net

Blue Net

Blue Net is a Twin Cities managed service provider that can take charge of your technology. Blue Net is your strategic technology partner, delivering first-class, client-focused services and support. Our team stays on top of the latest technology and business trends to help companies meet and exceed their IT needs. We help you not only reach your business goals but redefine them.