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Break Fix vs Managed Service Model Janurary Blog 2

Break-Fix vs. Managed Service Model

In the War Between Break Fix vs. Managed Service Model Which Makes the Most Sense for Small and Medium Businesses?

Technology is so important to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, which means how IT is handled and managed is a decision that could make or break a company. From cybersecurity needs to overall direction and strategy, businesses everywhere are looking for more value from their IT providers, and the industry has been changing over the years to provide that value. Break-fix vs. the managed service model has been an easy transition for most IT providers, but some businesses have been slow to accept.

As a Minneapolis – St. Paul managed services provider, we at Blue Net understand the value we add to every technology partnership. This blog will look to define both models, explain how differently they respond to common business and technology issues, and demonstrate why companies choose managed IT services.

What Does Break Fix Mean?

When technology was new, it was treated much like plumbing or HVAC. It was always supposed to work, and when it didn’t, a repair company was called in to get things back to normal. This is called the “break-fix” model, and while it meant profits for IT providers, it meant higher costs and inadequate IT for users. This is the first important distinction between the managed services and breaks fix models. Service providers had no incentive to improve your technology. The more it broke, the more money they made. Managed services is an alignment of business and technology goals.

We become a function of your business for a manageable and scalable monthly fee. The better your IT infrastructure works, the fewer calls you need to make, if any. The IT provider gets to support more companies while your business enjoys little downtime.

Let’s look at how managed services and break-fix approach common IT issues. These are rudimentary situations, but as you can see, the gap of differences from break-fix to managed services is a large one. On one hand, you have a partner that is dedicated to your success. On the other, you have a mercenary that is simply looking for more reasons to bill you.

Your Organization Opens a Branch Office in Kalamazoo

Break Fix – First, they would wonder why you were calling them. Maybe they helped in the past, but beyond that, there is no established business relationship. Either they would figure out how much it would cost to expand your IT to the new Kalamazoo office, or they would pass. They might know of a company that can help, but that’s never certain. In the end, you are left with more questions than answers. 

Managed Services – Your IT partner helped you build your infrastructure. In fact, it’s possible they had input on the expansion decision throughout the process since IT strategic planning is usually an important component of managed service agreements. They know your IT inside and out, and they already have realistic, manageable solutions in mind to make your expansion seamless.

An Employee Opens a Malicious PDF

Break Fix – They will be happy you called!  This is right up their alley because they can bill you by the hour. It might take some time before things are back to normal, that is, of course, if you remembered to do the latest backup. You DO have a backup and disaster recovery procedure, right? If not, that’s going to cost you too. 

Managed Services – First, your managed services partner will have educated your employees about phishing awareness, so it is unlikely they will have fallen for a phishing email in the first place. Second, they helped you build your disaster recovery procedures, your data is backed up daily (or hourly) to multiple cloud-based storage services. Chances are, they already know about the issue and are working on getting it solved. None of this work costs an extra penny.

A Pandemic Forces All Employees to Work Remotely

Break-Fix – Other businesses are probably in the same position, which means the break-fix support may not be able to fit you into their busy schedule. If they can, it will cost a lot, and you may not be happy with the results. If not, they might know some websites that have information. Good luck!

Managed Services – As your technology partner, you will already have a remote work plan, and in the case your office has to close completely, and all employees are 100% remote, your managed services partner will work with you to keep your mission-critical applications running.  They are your technology partner which means you always get the absolute best your MSP has to offer. 

You’ve Heard a Lot About Microsoft Sharepoint, and You Believe it is a Great Solution for Your Business

Break Fix – Sure, they can help you with Sharepoint, for a price. While they mostly concern themselves with support, chances are they don’t have the knowledge needed for an intelligent Sharepoint assessment and integration. 

Managed Services – MSP’s like Blue Net usually have a specialty. We eat, sleep, and breathe Sharepoint, and as our partner, we will have already assessed your business for Sharepoint viability and implemented it. Managed services mean your business is always at the forefront of technology, and it is perfectly integrated into your existing infrastructure.

So, Why Choose Managed IT Services?

Bottom line, it simply makes more sense for your organization. Through Blue Net, you gain a dedicated technology partner that is always working for you. 

  • Our pricing model is a budgetable, per-user cost with no hidden fees or service charges.
  • Everything is bundled in one price. This is a huge benefit to businesses that are looking to predict IT costs. 
  • You will never see a service charge, and support is always included. 
  • We include Microsoft licensing with per-user costs.
  • You never receive a separate invoice. Everything we do is part of your plan. 
  • Our flexible plan offerings address your specific needs, not the other way around. Our services are customized to your individual business needs. 

Call Blue Net today to experience how managed IT support services are the ultimate way to turn your technology into a business powerhouse.

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