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When to Outsource IT Services

Deciding when it’s time to outsource your IT services is crucial if you want your business to grow. But what’s the difference between IT outsourcing vs insourcing?

IT Outsourcing vs Insourcing

Outsourcing your business’s technical support means hiring an experienced IT company to perform routine information technology services. Outsourcing is the opposite of insourcing, where your technology business functions rely on internal IT staff for support services and regular hardware and software maintenance.

Managed Services Outsourced IT Support

Managed services outsourced IT support refers to distributing the responsibility of maintaining business technology processes to improve operational efficiency and cut expenses. A wide range of IT solutions can be managed under one service umbrella, such as support services, cloud solutions, and network services.

Managed Support Services

Whether you run a small- or medium-sized business, you can minimize costly disruptions by outsourcing your support services, depending on an experienced team to solve your problems quickly and efficiently. IT experts know industry-specific solutions that help a business run smoothly. From Office 365 email and file share migration, end user support and licensing is included in a managed service package. MS SharePoint implementations and proactive support plans are often a benefit that minimizes costly disruptions.

Managed Network Services

Your business’s network is its communication line. If that fails, business is down and operation costs are up. But with managed network services, you can rest assured that when you walk into your building, the lines of communication are open for business, too. Remote monitoring and network management allows your outsourced IT support team to consistently ensure that your network is always working successfully.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing your cloud under one IT roof is crucial for your business’s success, and when you choose a cloud service provider to manage your platform, you receive enhanced support and license management for your Office 365 at no additional cost.

Other cloud management services benefits include:

  • Initial and annual cloud usage review
  • Analysis of cloud usage
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Cloud migration knowledge

Outsourced IT Support: Managed Services Plans

Businesses aren’t created equal. That’s why Blue Net IT professionals developed these customized, fully managed solutions:

  • BlueAssure Advantage: This plan allows you to leave all IT services up to us so you can focus on your business goals.
  • BlueAssure Plus: This plan is perfect for the business owner who needs IT services on a supplemental service level.
  • BlueAssure Essentials: This plan is for the business owner who has their IT needs addressed but needs to outsource IT support from time to time.

Co-Managed Services Plans

We also offer plans for business owners who need help managing their infrastructure. These plans are crucial for your business if you have end-user support and end-user devices covered:

  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Advantage: Managing your critical services and networking devices is simple with our infrastructure advantage plan.
  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Plus: Network devices can be tricky to manage, but Blue Net’s infrastructure plus plan delivers comprehensive network management.

Outsource Your IT Support With Blue Net

When you outsource with Blue Net, rest assured that your entire business network, software, and hardware systems are monitored. Our technicians prevent potential issues that may arise and are always ready with best-practice solutions for an efficient, successful fix. Blue Net technicians solve problems when they occur, but we also strive to tackle any IT obstacles that come our way before they disrupt your business operations. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced IT professionals.

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