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The Importance of Regular IT Security Assessments

Do You Know How Secure Your Networks Are?

Cyber security is a persistent business risk. Businesses that experience a security breach will lose much more than data; they lose money, time, and most importantly, they lose goodwill among vendors, employees, and customers. Data security is paramount, and for any business, it requires a team that has the knowledge and experience to make sure your security stature can withstand any cyber threat through regular IT security assessments. 

If you don’t understand the threats to your data, how can you effectively mitigate those risks? Blue Net Inc. is a managed services provider that takes your security seriously. Our Cross Check Security Assessment was developed to give your business a full view of your security posture, so your team is always on the power play.

How a Cross Check Cyber Security Assessment Works

A cyber security risk assessment accomplished two things. The first is to identify gaps in your business’s security. This takes all devices and policies into account. It examines how your company responded to security risks in the past, and it creates a detailed list of all risk areas. The second phase is to act to improve your security in as many risk areas as possible. Our cross-check assessment takes a phased approach to assessing your security.

  1. Identify assets – This identifies all of your organization’s information assets and classifies them by how critical they are to your operations. The most important elements of your IT should be given the highest priority in your cyber security strategy.
  2. Document – We note the age, type, and condition of your hardware and software. This should be done separately for insurance purposes, but a complete audit and inventory of your hardware is important to the next step. 
  3. Assess current risks – Our risk assessment determines if current controls exist and if they are adequate and effective if they do. We look at how well your employees are trained to stop a phishing attack and know what to do if they suspect they have fallen victim to ransomware. This establishes a baseline of your security controls.
  4. Identify threats – We assess all vulnerabilities, internal and external, mechanical and human, to create an accurate map of threats to your data. 
  5. Determine business risk – Every security breach has an impact and an essential part of a security risk assessment is to understand the potential worst-case scenario of every threat to your business. 
  6. Review compliance requirements – Your industry typically operates under regulations, and it is important to incorporate compliance into your security plan. 
  7. Reassess on an ongoing basis – Online threats change almost daily, and it is important to keep up with new trends and new technologies. This is where a knowledgeable, managed IT provider can provide the most value.

Our Cross Check Security Assessment was developed to give your business a full view of your security posture, so your team is always on the power play.

Blue Net Inc. Will Help Keep Your Data Safe

It’s impossible to stop cyberattacks from happening. Hackers are determined criminals, and regardless of your business’s size, location, or industry, you possess something they want–information. The best way to fight back is through a layered, intelligent cyber security strategy that mitigates risk and takes smart measures to protect your vital business data. When a company takes substantial steps to reduce cyber security risk, the payoff is peace of mind knowing you have done everything within your power to protect your business and your customers. 

The missing element is a cyber security expert that will finish its checks and provide you with the level of cyber security your business needs to handle anything the internet throws at you confidently. Most small and medium companies lack the resources necessary to build and maintain a solid in-house cyber security team. Fortunately, with Blue Net Inc., you have an affordable alternative.

Are you Ready to Take Your Cyber Security to the Next Level?

While many IT firms offer an automated, generalized report, which is of little strategic value, Blue Net performs a comprehensive analysis across multiple departments and divisions. It takes a close look at every risk to your system.

This approach delivers a clear plan for the critical issues facing your entire organization. We present you with a complete overview of your strengths and weaknesses and all of your significant security risks. This is the launching point for a full overhaul of your cyber security. 

Are you prepared for a cyber security attack? Call Blue Net today for a full security assessment. Concentrate on building your business; we’ll concentrate on protecting it.

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