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Why Outsource Your IT?

Your return on investment can be even greater when you use Blue Net for your outsourced IT support services. We’ve developed our customized managed services plans to meet your IT business needs.

Outsourcing Benefits

Outsourcing your company’s IT needs is a business best practice for several reasons. One of the biggest benefits of outsourced IT support services is that you can focus on growing and improving your business instead of daily IT hassles and frustrations. With your mind on your business, you’ll be more likely to achieve your scale-up goals in the long run.

Business owners also find that outsourcing their IT services reduces costs and saves money. By purchasing a managed services plan, you can access in-house IT staff anytime you need assistance. That way, you won’t receive a hefty bill in the mail after the completion of technical support.

While one expert IT technician is good, finding an entire team of knowledgeable specialists is like striking gold. When you outsource your IT support services, you get years of experience combined into one team. Not only will your return on investment be much more significant, but you’ll also learn a lot of important IT tips and tricks from your support team that you may never have thought you’d need.

Customized Managed Services Plans

Blue Net offers several managed services plans to meet your business needs. We understand that not all businesses are created equal. That’s why we’ve developed these customized, fully managed solutions:

  • BlueAssure Advantage: This plan allows you to leave all IT services up to us so you can focus on your business goals.
  • BlueAssure Plus: This plan is perfect for the business owner who needs IT services on a supplemental service level.
  • BlueAssure Essentials: This plan is for the business owner who has their IT needs addressed but needs to outsource IT support from time to time.

Co-Managed Services Plans

Blue Net also offers plans for business owners who need help managing their infrastructure. These plans are perfect for your business if you have end-user support and end-user devices covered:

  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Advantage: Managing your critical services and networking devices is simple with our infrastructure advantage plan.
  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Plus: Network devices can be tricky to manage, but Blue Net’s infrastructure plus plan delivers comprehensive network management.

Reduce Your Costs With Our Office 365 Bundle

The real benefit of outsourcing your IT support with Blue Net is our Office 365 bundled package. When you purchase a managed services plan with us, you’ll receive Office 365 email and file share migration with end-user support and licensing included. What’s typically a costly business tool is free when you choose Blue Net managed services.

If your business isn’t equipped with Office 365, it should be! This productive business tool is a well-known, efficient program. A huge benefit of Office 365 is that you can take your work anywhere and use any device to accomplish tasks. The program is also cloud-based, so applications are updated automatically, resulting in no downtime or lost work.

Contact us today to learn more about how your business can benefit from Office 365.

Get Fast Support Services

With Blue Net, you’ll never be left in an IT lurch for long. We offer several methods of support, including remote support and training and tutorials. You can also request on-site support in advance, and we have technicians who provide after-hours emergency support.

And when you’re a Blue Net customer, you’ll have access to our client portal where you can create support tickets, view your ticket status, and communicate with our technicians.

Customer Service: Get a Security Assessment

With a Blue Net Cross-Check Security Assessment, you get a complete summary of your technology. Whether your network is running smoothly or you’re having some issues, our security assessment is the best way for us to let you know your security’s strengths and weaknesses.

And right now, we have a special offer! If you utilize our security assessment services during Q4 of 2020, we’ll give you FREE cross-check security assessments if your business runs 20 or more workstations. Call us today for more information.

Make Blue Net Your Managed Services Provider

When you outsource your IT services with Blue Net, you can rest assured that your entire IT system is being monitored. Our expert technicians anticipate any issues that may arise and are always ready with best-practice solutions to fix them. Blue Net technicians fix problems as they occur, but we also strive to tackle any IT mishaps that come our way before they disrupt your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced IT professionals.

Blue Net

Blue Net

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