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Are You Using Office 365 to Its Maximum Potential 2021

Craig Yellick, VP Business Solutions

Office 365 Is the Tool That Will Set Your Office Free

One of the popular buzzwords for businesses today is “productivity.” How much easier and more efficiently can people do their jobs depends directly on the quality of the tools they have to use. Microsoft has invested heavily in Office 365 because they see that the future of business productivity lies in cloud computing.

But Office 365 is more than Excel and Word. It is a cloud-based productivity suite where all applications work together for the sole purpose of helping you do everything better. This blog will explore some of the ways Microsoft Office 365 improves day-to-day productivity.

Recognizable Business Tools

Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all applications that are second nature to anyone who has worked in a professional business environment. They have been essential productivity tools for decades, and Office 365 takes this to the next level.

Take Your Work Anywhere, From Any Device

Office 365 documents are accessible anywhere the user has an internet connection. Imagine how helpful this is to a sales team at a conference, or when part of the workforce needs to work from home. Best yet, these documents are securely stored in the cloud, meaning they can be created, edited, copied, and shared with anyone.

Every Application Is Always Up to Date

One of the main obstacles of productivity software is creating and sharing documents in-house, when all users have different versions. Office 365 is cloud-based, which means your applications are updated the instant the update is available. There should be no compatibility issues or downtime, or even lost work. The service will continually update your software with patches, new features, and enhanced tools for as long as you continue the subscription.

Guaranteed Uptime

Your data is safeguarded with enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery. Microsoft uses multiple datacenters and automatic failovers to guarantee the maximum amount of uptime possible.

Minimize Software Costs

The more efficient you make a process, the less resources you need to devote to it. This is how you make running your business much more cost effective. The old way of doing things had businesses purchase licenses for every copy of the software they wanted to run. This meant if the company anticipated growth, they had to plan ahead. If the company had licenses they didn’t need, they had to pay for them through the entirety of the agreement. Office 365 improves this by providing turnkey applications, exactly when they are needed.

Stay Connected With Microsoft Teams

No remote office could function without communication, and Microsoft provides best-in-class collaboration tools through Microsoft Teams. Employees can host online meetings with HD videoconferencing and share documents with a single click. Teams also integrates seamlessly with every app in the Office 365 suite.

Office 365 is much more than word processing and spreadsheets.

Keep Your Business Modern With Blue Net

The modern workplace is one that can quickly respond to issues, work remotely, collaborate effectively, openly communicate, and use modern tools to do business better.

Becoming a modern, efficient workplace is easier than you think, and the first step is a partnership with an Office 365 expert like Blue Net. When you invest in your employees by giving them the tools they need to get things done, you will see bigger changes and better innovation for your business.

We have helped businesses just like yours migrate to Office 365 and take full advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and this allows us to provide Microsoft-certified experts to assist with planning and migrating your current data from your old methods to Office 365.

Call us today and set up a consultation with our technology experts and let us show you exactly how Office 365 can transform the way you do business.

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