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A new way to collaborate and communicate. Less confusion, more teamwork. 

The modern workplace is changinghow is your company staying ahead of the competition?

Blue Net Can Integrate Microsoft Teams Into Your Infrastructure

We know Microsoft products in and out, which means we understand how they work together and what they can do to improve your business. Microsoft Teams is an important upgrade to how your business communicates and collaborates. Our Microsoft experts seamlessly integrate it into your existing infrastructure and show your employees exactly how this powerful communication tool can improve their day-to-day lives.

With Microsoft Teams, you’ll unleash the power of teamwork, and Blue Net will help you get started on the right foot. We have extensive experience in driving value realization from teamwork solutions. 

Blue Net has extensive experience in driving value realization from Microsoft’s teamwork solutions. Our experience with Office 365 including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and Stream will help you build a culture of collaboration that empowers your employees, while adhering to the growing security and compliance requirements. As your Microsoft Partner, we can provide guidance and insights you can use to help your employees drive adoption and make the best use of Microsoft Teams. 

Improve Your Communications

This communication platform is integrated with other Microsoft products your business already uses. No more third-party apps or temporary browser-based solutions that have been made permanent for lack of a better option.

Be the Solution Your Business Needs

If you don’t currently use a communication option, Microsoft Teams allows your business to collaborate and communicate like never before. You’ll be left wondering how you got on without it.

Get off to a good start with Blue Net’s Teams Roll-Out Pilot offer.

Blue Net will interview your pilot group to determine the right combination of teams and channels to promote efficient collaboration. Blue Net will build the administrative environment that supports your business collaboration needs. We then follow up with targeted training sessions to empower the pilot group to jump in and start enjoying the benefits of Teams.

Blue Net Helps Your Business Deploy Microsoft Teams

At Blue Net, our core values include using the latest technology to help our clients do things easier and better. This directive includes document management, email, and interoffice communication. Microsoft Teams is the perfect platform to allow your employees to communicate and collaborate like never before. 

Imagine being able to communicate instantly with your employees, either one-on-one or as a group. Conversations can continue over multiple days and be saved, so the best ideas can be built on and revised. Documents can be dropped in chat and viewed or edited by anyone. Now, imagine this being built into your existing platforms and hosted on your secure networkand not through a third-party app.

Blue Net’s Teams Make-Over reorganizes, streamlines and optimizes communication and collaboration based on your organization’s “lessons learned” and Blue Net’s extensive experience with Teams usage (both good and bad) across many different business settings. Get a fresh start with your teams, channels, content and membership consolidated and re-imagined to better support your users and their work together.

Technology to Move Forward

As your business grows, your IT has to grow alongside it. For all your internal messaging and collaboration needs, Microsoft Teams is the platform that keeps your teams in contact, securely and reliably.

Technology to Stay Ahead

Microsoft Teams is the kind of technology that sets businesses apart from one another. Now your messaging needs are contained in an easy-to-use platform and are not browser-based or purchased as a third-party app.

Discover Your New Secure Collaboration and Communication Tool

Improve communication and collaboration. Contact us today and discover how Microsoft Teams can transform your business.

Why Use Microsoft Teams?

With Microsoft Teams, meetings, sharing, and scheduling are easier than ever before.  This is because you begin to communicate and collaborate under one intuitive platform.  The user-friendly tools allow everyone to be more efficient and effective, keeping your business moving in the right direction.

Microsoft Teams is a fast-growing app, but why should businesses use it instead of other branded communication products?

It does more than provide a chat box Being able to talk is useful to employees but being able to collaborate is a complete game changer. Need to share a file? Just drop it into the text and everyone on the chat thread has access. Need to schedule a face-to-face meeting to hammer out details? Plan it directly in the chat box without even closing the window. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

More productive meetings Prepare for meetings like never before with Microsoft Teams. Share files and notes, record all audio and screenshots. Even invite remote employees or clients, so they can participate and contribute. This brings value to the time you spend with employees, whether it’s face to face or via chat.

Do more live and less through email Email is a great tool to create a paper trail  but for project coordination and in-house collaboration, nothing beats Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams was designed to do these processes better. Have a question about a project? Communicate through Teams.

Stay connected anywhere The conversation doesn’t stop at 5 p.m. or when someone leaves the office for the day. Have an important thought during your son’s baseball game? Microsoft Teams allows you to record it for your team at work, so you can get back to the team on the field.

Connect and Collaborate

Communication is the key to doing business, and MS Teams is the tool you need to do it. 

Easy, Fast, Secure Communication. Why Skype When Teams Is Perfect For Your Business Needs?

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