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Cloud Services

The cloud’s global network of servers enables your business to be more flexible, more secure, and more resilient to data loss while reducing your costs.

Cloud Services From Blue Net

Cloud computing is the kind of business tool that, once you start using it, you begin to wonder how your business ever worked without it. From improved efficiency to better data security, the cloud lets you operate leaner and with more agility. This means your business can launch new products on the fly, adapt to an ever-changing market, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Cloud infrastructure services do away with expensive data centers and on-site data storage by replacing them with a scalable software as a service (SaaS) solution that’s available whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Cloud computing solutions are quickly becoming the new normal. Any business that hasn’t taken at least some of their data to the cloud could find themselves struggling to catch up with their competitors.

If you’re ready to make your company more dynamic with the cloud, Blue Net is here to help. Our cloud business solutions are designed with Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Eagan businesses in mind. Blue Net’s consultants can help you migrate your information over to the cloud. We can also host your private cloud platform.

Microsoft Managed Cloud Services

Microsoft developed the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program so partners like us can provide your business with certified experts. Together, we can help your business take advantage of new opportunities created by your cloud solution. Make Blue Net your CSP and you can receive enhanced support and license management for Office 365, Azure, and other Microsoft cloud solutions for no additional cost.

The benefits of the CSP program include:

  • An initial and annual cloud licensing and usage review
    • Analysis of your cloud licensing usage
    • Match your licensing to your business goals, paying only for what you need
    • Sharing best practices with examples of how other businesses utilize Office 365 and Azure
  • Management of your software licensing, including renewals and upgrades
  • Additional enhanced support options
  • Consolidated invoicing with other Blue Net services
  • Extensive cloud migration knowledge and experience

Call Blue Net today to learn about the CSP program and how we can become your partner.

Blue Net’s Cloud Services Expand Your Business Capabilities

Blue Net’s cloud services improve scalability and flexibility while increasing data storage. Discover how our cloud services can optimize your business performance.

What Can The Cloud Do for You?

Stay Flexible and Efficient

Access applications and data from any location worldwide and from any device with an internet connection.

Keep Your Data Secure and Manageable

Blue Net implements the best security standards or procedures, so your data stays safe.

Stay Ahead

Leverage the cloud to deliver your products and services to your customers faster and with more ease.

Save Money

Do away with costly servers and complicated maintenance, so you have more time and money to invest in your business. 

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can often be full of risks, including data loss. Transferring your data can be a smooth and easy process with the help of Blue Net. We work with you to create a strategy that minimizes risks and any potential downtime. With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing everything is handled by professionals.



Private Cloud Hosting

Our Blue Net hosting solution includes a variety of services that guarantee a secure and consistent user experience. Our team provides the always-on environment your business requires to run efficiently.

Build Your Business—Leave the Cloud Services to Us

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