SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities

SharePoint Saturday is an educational, informative and lively day filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals and MVPs. We cover a wide variety of SharePoint topics with sessions for Information Workers, IT Pros and Developers. We also offer a SharePoint 101 track! SharePoint Saturday is FREE, open to the public and is your local chance to immerse yourself in SharePoint!

Register and See Craig Yellick’s Presentation at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities November 16, 2019

Improving Business Process Management with Office 365

Managers exist because business process management (BPM) is critical to the success of any business venture. If you are still using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of things, if you're still bothering people with emails and phone calls to get status updates, if you schedule weekly standing meetings to review routine work procedures, we need to talk! Attend this session to learn how savvy managers leverage the amazing out-of-box BPM features of Office 365 to make their lives easier and more efficient. If you're a staff member struggling with keeping your management informed and in the loop while still getting actual work done, this session will help you make the case for using Office 365 to make your life much easier.

Register and see Craig Yellick’s presentation at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities April 6th, 2019

Data Integration with SharePoint

SharePoint is not an island - it exists alongside all the other sources and destinations of data in your organization. This session covers the many ways SharePoint can be integrated with all that data, keeping your users happy and productive. Topics include: surfacing live data via Business Data Connectivity, sync'ing via client-side object model, using the REST-based API, using Flow and PowerApps, leveraging built-in tricks found in the Office apps. See demos of real-world tools we've built for customers. We'll start with easy out-of-the-box features anyone can use and end up at crazy-sophisticated custom sync techniques for developers.

See Zach Welding's and Matt Hackett's presentations at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities November 17th, 2018

You CAN Have it All with SharePoint,
Teams and Hub Sites

Teams HubSites and SharePoint Together PP - Download

Beautiful Branded Sites PP - Download

Wondering how and when to use Teams with SharePoint? Curious what Hub Sites are for and how they impact your SharePoint sites? In this session you'll see how all three technologies should be considered together in any collaboration scenario. We've got a terrific case study that shows how a major national zoo with over 2,500 staff members use a combination of SharePoint, Teams and Hub Sites to streamline communication, collaboration and workflows to form a truly hybrid business solution.

See Craig Yellick's and Zach Welding's presentations at SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities April 14th, 2018

Blue Net’s Zach Welding’s presentation 

Beautiful, Responsive, Mobile SharePoint Sites In Half the Time - PowerPoint Presentation

Is your SharePoint portal design straight of the box and boring-looking? Is it functional and usable on phones and tablets? This session is all about creating a modern, responsive portal. We’ll discuss how SharePoint sites are styled and themed, and your options for changing and adapting the out-of-the-box style to look great and remain useful on all device sizes.

Blue Net’s Craig Yellick’s presentation

Congratulations on your O365/SharePoint move to the cloud, what's next? - PowerPoint Presentation

You did it – your organization is successfully “in the cloud” and enjoying the many advantages and benefits of rolling out Office 365 and SharePoint Online. Don’t stop now! There are numerous other IT workloads that are arguably even easier to move to the cloud -- it’s just a matter of understanding your options and setting priorities. In this session we’ll cover seven common IT workloads and how Microsoft Azure can be leveraged for the move to the cloud: Backup, Disaster Recovery, Active Directory (total cloud as well a high availability hybrid), Developer Ops, “Burst” IT Capacity, and SQL Azure.