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Work Better Together with Microsoft Teams

Bring your business to the cloud with business-class email and Microsoft Teams.

Stay Connected Through Microsoft Teams

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to rethink how their workplace collaborates and communicates. It’s difficult to think that anything can get done without face-to-face meetings and in-person collaboration, but working from home presented businesses with an opportunity to expand their capabilities. The smart ones have turned to Microsoft Teams to keep their employees safe and connected. Even long after the danger of the pandemic has passed, the businesses that adapted quickly to a new way of doing things will find that their ability to adapt in the face of tough odds made them stronger and more able to face the future. 

MIcrosoft Teams is a multi-faceted business communications tool that allows for instant chat, video conferencing, and safe, seamless document sharing all over a single, easy to use portal. Blue Net has worked with clients in the past to implement it and make it part of the foundation of a complete, secure communications strategy. Just look at everything Microsoft Office 365 and Teams has to offer

Seamless Meetings With The Push of a Button

With Teams, you can meet with anyone, at any time and with integration into Outlook, you have access to everyone’s availability. No more needing to ask or reschedule when one or two attendees are already booked.

Get More Done During Meetings

Since Teams works perfectly with Office 365, sharing documents is an absolute breeze. Now collaboration can happen during the meetings, not after. And with seamless and reliable video chat, it is simpler than ever to present ideas, showcase products, or get products finished.

A Fully Customizable Workspace

With different businesses comes different challenges and MS Teams allows for third-party integrations with important apps like Twitter which allows for updates from outside sources in real time.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

Now you can connect anyone, from anywhere in the world, with MS Teams. Group discussions can truly include the group, and unlike email, teams allows you to have an actual discussion. Everyone knows the status of the discussion and has all the information they need to keep it going.

Share With Any Device

Teams supports all devices which means your business can easily support mobile and remote workers. And once the meeting is over, attendees have a single place to keep everything available so they can easily move forward with what they need to do.

Automate Document Workflows

Share and work together on files with OneDrive to improve agility and reduce the occurrence of having to re-work documents.

Company-Wide Chat

The main value of Teams comes from the ability to chat with any team member at any time. Threaded conversations keeps track of conversations and documents and eliminates the need to dig through your inbox to find a link or where something important was mentioned. Teams keeps all of this straight for everyone in the company so there will never be any question about what was discussed and when.

A Fully-Integrated Productivity Solution – From Blue Net

No other productivity solution can offer the agility and seamless integration like Microsoft Teams. It is a central hub for teamwork and flexibility and Blue Net is your key to making these tools fork for you. 

 Revolutionize how you do business, give your employees the tools they need to do it better and reach out to Blue Net today. Our It assessments will show you how MS Teams will fit into your current infrastructure.

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