Customer Profile and Industry  

Turck USA is a specialty manufacturer in sensor, fieldbus, and connectivity products, as well as interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and RFID systems. Turck offers efficient solutions for factory and process automation applications.


Create a tracking system to monitor and manage ISO trainings completed by employees.


SharePoint; SharePoint Workflow

The Challenge

Turck did not have an effective method of keeping track of who completed trainings for their ISO 9001 certification. Trainings were tracked in a master Excel list and the process was completely manual. They were looking for a solution that automates the process and is more efficient and effective.

BlueNet's Solution

  • We built a complete SharePoint solution using only out-of-the-box features and functionality. The solution has multiple components:
    • Document library that stores ISO documents
    • List that keeps track of Items that needed training
    • Employee list that keeps track of the employee and their current job title
    • Lists that store trainings that are currently outstanding and a list of the history of all trainings completed
    • Workflows that use web services to loop through other lists to schedule new trainings and auto-assign to employees
  • Every task in the system is now automated. When a document changes, a workflow will start and check to see if trainings are required. If so, it automatically creates Trainings Due tasks for each employee with a job roles that requires training related to the document.
  • All documents are tagged with Job Titles so that the workflow can loop through the employee list and auto-assign trainings.
  • Dashboards were created for Supervisors and Managers so that they can log in and see at a glance what trainings are required for the employees they manage. They are able to mark off and complete trainings in bulk and when trainings are completed they are moved to the employees history for auditing purposes.


Turck now has an automated way to keep track of and assign trainings to all employees. Audits can be completed in a fraction of the time now that everything is stored and organized in a better way vs the previous master Excel spreadsheet. Built-in time stamps are used to keep track of completion dates, and managers can save time by going to their dashboard to get quick views of what is outstanding vs trying to have to make sense of a possibly outdated spreadsheet.