Blue Notes Feature Article
By Craig Yellick
Business Solutions Architect

Many organizations have a love-hate relationship with Microsoft Access. They love the rapid application development model and the powerful data-driven solutions constructed so cost effectively, but hate the local file server-only, desktop database engine. This makes Access applications of very limited effectiveness for distributed users who need access outside of the main office where the database lives.

Migrating the Access database to SQL Server has long been the best route to a better, faster, more secure storage engine but that does not solve the issue of remote access. Nobody wants to expose an internal SQL Server to the public Internet, especially just to support a minor application. And the licensing can get frightfully expensive as well.

When our customers are faced with this challenge, our go-to solution is SQL Azure: the secure SQL database in the cloud that’s priced based on resource consumption, not user counts. If you barely use it, it barely costs anything. It’s nearly infinitely scalable, both up and down, to accommodate patterns of heavy use interleaved with more idle periods – you pay only for what you actually use. Security is enhanced by a powerful built-in firewall that can be restricted down to individual IP addresses.”

Users appreciate the familiar look-and-feel and usability of the Access application because nothing changes from the front-end perspective. Data entry forms, queries, reports, custom programming – all continue to use the familiar Access development environment and programming APIs. The only difference is that the data is available anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

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