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Remote Management and Monitoring Explained

Remote management and monitoring solutions are responsible for the health and security of your IT environment, giving you cost-effective tools to operate and grow a successful company. Let’s define the tools and solutions that remote monitoring systems use.

Defining Remote Management and Monitoring Solutions

Remote management and monitoring (RMM) is a software designed to assist managed service providers (MSP) in monitoring a business’s endpoint security, networks, and computer systems in real-time.

RMM is installed through a small software footprint, also known as an agent, on business’s systems, workstations, and mobile devices. It gives tech support professionals complete visibility. The installed agent gives MSPs access to machine health and status and sends the detailed client network information to IT professionals so they can remotely prevent potential issues.

If the RMM platform detects a problem on a network device, a ticket is created and sent to the customer’s MSP, who then resolves the issue. RMM agents intuitively classify tickets on the basis of severity, helping MSPs prioritize critical issues first and resolving non-critical problems later to minimize business interruption.

Professional Services Automation for Remote Management and Monitoring

Professional services automation (PSA) is a crucial component of any MSP. PSA resources help IT technicians keep track of client information, productivity, and other business data, generating reports for invoicing, billing, inventory, and assets.

RMM services and tools help MSPs complete tasks that PSA resources identify. Allowing PSA functions to automate tasks and keep an eye on your systems and devices, you can streamline efficiencies, cut business costs, and eliminate human errors.

RMM Software Options

There are a variety of high-quality RMM software to choose from:

Comodo RMM

Comodo RMM can manage your business’s Windows, Mac, or Linux systems efficiently and offers MSPs multi-layered, cloud-based RMM tools. Equipped with panoramic insight and complete visibility and control over your managed systems, Comodo offers endpoint monitoring and alert features on a unified dashboard where you can review real-time statistics and system diagnosis charts.

Labtech RMM

Labtech RMM helps improve business operation productivity and efficiency by harnessing the power of IT automation. From handling repetitive IT maintenance tasks and processes, monitoring mission critical systems, and automatically running auto-remediation programs, Labtech allows you to focus on growing your business, leaving operations up to revolutionary automation processes.

Why Use Remote Monitoring and Management for Your Business

Using remote monitoring and management for your business operations has a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Resolving issues that prevent inconsistent workflow
  • Getting inconsistent income issues resolved immediately
  • Fixing minor issues before they become bigger problems
  • Updating outdated systems to minimize downtime
  • Determining data breach issues before they arise

Battling email system interruption, internet connectivity issues, or outdated software can compromise your growth as a business. However, using remote monitoring and management that focuses on prevention and optimization of your cloud and traditional IT systems keeps your business running effectively.

Remote IT Tech Support Solutions

RMM platform tools used for proactive IT tech support solutions can be customized to meet and exceed your business requirements. Trained and certified MSPs can provide you with best practice solutions for Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, HP, Dell, and SonicWall products for one monthly fee, giving you the resources to secure your bottom line.

Remote IT tech support offers endless user solutions, including:

  • Small- to enterprise-level automation and monitoring
  • Critical system failure detection and prevention
  • Systematic management of customer IT requirements
  • Optimal network stability consistency
  • Extended system and device shelf life
  • Improved end-user productivity

Managed Services: Remote Management and Monitoring With Blue Net

Patch management, roadmap development and review, and extended warranties are just a few solutions that Blue Net offers through our remote management and monitoring services. As an experienced MSP that’s dedicated to offering what you need, we have a wide range of custom plans to choose from that support your business monitoring requirements.

Fully Managed Plans

  • BlueAssure Advantage
    • Designed for organizations that need full-service end user support and managed services
  • BlueAssure Plus
    • A good fit for businesses that need end-user support and supplemental managed services
  • BlueAssure Essentials
    • A plan for businesses that have some of their IT needs addressed but still need end-user support

Co-Managed Plans

  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Advantage
    • Ideal for businesses with critical servers and network devices, this per-device based plan is a comprehensive solution for one simple price.
  • BlueAssure Infrastructure Plus
    • A perfect solution for business owners that need network management only, the Infrastructure Plus plan delivers comprehensive network management.

Choose Blue Net for Your Remote Management and Monitoring

When you use remote monitoring and management for your business with Blue Net, rest assured that your entire IT system is being monitored and managed. Our IT support team anticipates any issues that may arise and are always ready with best-practice solutions to fix them. Blue Net professionals fix problems as they occur, but we’re also committed to tackling any IT mishaps that come our way before they disrupt your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our experienced IT professionals.

Blue Net

Blue Net

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