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New Business Technologies of 2021

How Blue Net Will Stay on Top of Emerging Technology Trends of 2021

2020 showed us that when the status quo is entirely disrupted by some unstoppable outside force, IT can come to the rescue. In the wake of the unprecedented economic challenges, businesses turned to technology to keep scattered workforces together and find new ways to serve their customers. While emerging technologies such as automation, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things should continue to evolve and become more prevalent in modern businesses, communication will rise to prominence as employees find that the traditional workplace isn’t as productive as it once was. 

This blog will examine some of the new business technologies of 2021, how the past year has changed IT, and why a trusted technology partner like Blue Net is an important ally to have during uncertain economic times.

Communication Tools Will Get Even Better

Clear communication, teamwork, and collaboration have always been important, but 2020 taught us that meetings are just as effective virtually as they are in person. The pandemic has accelerated the prevalence of digital communication as businesses forced to use internal communication tools are learning their many benefits. In 2021, business leaders will proactively use digital tools to connect different parts of their organizations and make sure ALL workers have bought into missions and goals. A digital workplace increases employee engagement, gives an instant voice to the frontline workers who implement decisions, and allows employees to work together seamlessly regardless of location. These tools will only get better and easier to use in 2021.

Automate Everything

Nothing drives innovation more than streamlining and automating processes. Typical businesses are supported by a patchwork of applications, and the roadblock to automation is either finding a replacement for these legacy programs or finding a way to integrate them better with newer technology. Technology removes the roadblocks and streamlines the connections between systems. But the benefits of automation outweigh the costs. Processes that take less time and are more accurate allow employees to focus on other, bigger tasks. Here are some common business tasks that are prime targets for automation:

  • Management reporting
  • Credit management
  • Billing
  • Document storage and recall
  • Payroll
  • Logistics
  • Data analytics
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Through technology and new processes, any organization can save time and money by reducing the amount of time its employees spend doing any of the above.

Blue Net solution developers have a terrific set of Office 365 tools collectively called Power Automate. These tools, which include Power Automate, Power Apps and Flow, make sophisticated automation affordable for businesses of any size.

Mobile Workforces Mean More and Better Cyber Safety Training

As employees either return to the office or stay remote, the typical business is faced with a workforce that is in many places at the same time. This creates an issue for businesses that have no set policies or training about mobile device use. In 2020, these organizations had to set rules quickly, but as the pandemic has stretched into 2021, businesses will look to solidify their security posture—this includes implementing mobile device policies and educating their workforces about how they play an important role in keeping business data safe.

Tools Like Microsoft SharePoint and 365 Promote a Modern Workplace

One of the most important things that happened in 2020 is that businesses learned that regardless of what it is they do, they must be a digital business in order to compete. Technology like Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365 allows businesses to respond to business disruptions and create value for all customers.

2021 Will Be a Time of Action

The pandemic has been a harsh blow for many businesses, but more importantly, it serves as a teachable moment for organizations that are slow to embrace new technology and plan for change, not around it. 

Blue Net Inc. is dedicated to streamlining your technology, making your processes more efficient, and transforming your IT into an agile function of your business that prepares you for anything. We are prepared to drive innovation and help you better prepare your mobile workforce, automate your processes to build more value, and give you the tools you need to grow and thrive.

To learn more about Blue Net, reach out to us directly or fill out our IT assessment form. We will make sure your workplace is ready for 2021 and beyond.

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