If you own Office 365 you may be over paying for licensing and are likely not fully utilizing valuable product features. Things have come a long way. You can do much better than relying on email, Word, Excel and legacy applications. Blue Net is a Microsoft Gold Cloud partner uniquely qualified to assess this for your organization. Let Blue Net help you leverage the value of your Office 365 investment.

The Blue Net Office 365 Assessment includes:

  1. Licensing and usage audit. Make sure you have the right licenses and are not paying for licenses you don't need.
  2. Document storage and flow analysis. Determine the best way for your organization to store, retrieve and communicate information by leveraging built in tools such as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive.
  3. Workflow analysis. Analyze processes such as employee on-boarding to automate organizational processes and procedures.
  4. Mobile worker analysis. Make sure mobile access to Office 365 tools are being delivered securely and effectively.