Blue Net Team

Adam W.

Engineering and gadgetry are part of Adam’s DNA. At the age of 14, Adam was working his first job at a local computer store, providing computer assembly, sales and software installation.

Adam created Blue Net in 2007, providing the best business value solutions to clients when it came to managed services. As Blue Net grew, Adam began seeking partnerships with others who also believed providing the best solutions and support were a personal endeavor.

In 2011, Blue Net and TeleData Consulting merged, to leverage the strengths and experiences of both teams.

When Adam isn’t mentoring a new generation of IT professionals or finding ways to tackle ongoing complexities within a current client’s business through technology, you will find him spending time with his wife and kids, making and enjoying new foods, traveling or learning as much as possible about airplanes.

Austin H.

Joining Blue Net with the Meritor partnership, Austin is motivated by the opportunities to learn new skills and advancing technologies. For Blue Net clients, Austin is known for sharing the latest technology trends and ideas.

Outside of work, Austin loves to be involved in anything with friends and family.

Chad O.

“Every day is a new opportunity.”

Chad’s road to Blue Net began in his friendship with Adam Wittke. If Adam had a challenge, Chad was quick to jump in and offer his assistance until a solution was found and implemented. Chad’s passion for technology and keeping projects on track helps clients recognize the full extent of the expertise and services they have at their fingertips when Blue Net joins their team.

Away from the office, Chad enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs.

Giordi E.

“Every day is a new opportunity.”

Giordi is the go-to guy at Blue Net when a client encounters a complex IT issue. Like many of his colleagues, Giordi is passionate about troubleshooting and finding solutions through technology. With 15 years of IT planning, building and support, Giordi embodies the support and transparency that comes with the Blue Net’s personalized service.

At home, Giordi enjoys spending time with his wife and relishing in his greatest accomplishment – being promoted from the best dad to a grandparent. His nurturing personality is also shared through his participating in Christian community outreach.

Girmachew “G” T.

Girmachew is motivated by finding new solutions to old challenges. He is quick to find the new technologies that will improve a work environment and is valued by Blue Net clients for his ability to think outside the box when it comes to opportunities.

Away from work, Girmachew can be found near friends and family or hanging out at home.

Joel O.

Kevin Y.

From the first day in 1983 when he sat in front of a Burroughs MT 9-83 “Green Screen” as an Air Force Personnel Data Specialist, computers and technology have fascinated Kevin. In 2005 after spending nearly 12 years working with larger companies Kevin left one of the area’s leading technology consulting firms to start Meritor Technology. His goal was to bring his passion and deep technical experience to small businesses – an area that he felt were under-served by the other consulting firms in the metro area.

In 2016, Blue Net and Meritor merged operations and today he brings his deep experience working with hundreds of firms in the region. His goal?  Helping customers get the most from their technology guiding them to make wise decisions as they acquire new hardware and software solutions.

Lincoln Y.

Matt S.

Michael D.

Michael joins Blue Net after returning from the south, where he managed human resources and accounting for an aerospace parts manufacturer, to his home in Minnesota. Michael is eager to ensure that there is a positive value for clients in partnering with Blue Net, as he focuses on ensuring efficient utilization of company resources.

When Michael is not overseeing the human resources and accounting at Blue Net, he is coaching his children in sports or hiding at home with a good book.

Paul D.

Paul’s fascination with technology began during childhood with the computer terminals in his father’s office. His excitement grew into a hobby and then a career and business when he founded TeleData Consulting, Inc., in 2001.

It was through TeleData Consulting that Paul realized his passion for building long-term relationships with his clients and their businesses, focusing on how to achieve their goals through technology.

Realizing the opportunity he had to provide a higher quality of services to his clients, Paul began networking with other technology leaders in the field, leading him to merge TeleData Consulting with Blue Net.

When Paul is not redefining what it means to be a managed service provider and helping clients use technology as a tool to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their business, you can find Paul sharing time and experiences with his wife and friends through mountain biking, hiking and traveling.

Philip K.

Philip joined Blue Net as an intern and quickly became a full-time employee, after demonstrating his commitment to solving issues for Blue Net’s clients and his skill in tackling anything to do with networking.

You will find Philip with his wife or outdoors when he isn’t at Blue Net.

Raage O.

Tim “TK” K.

Tim joined Blue Net as an internship and the rest is history. Blue Net’s clients know Tim as the person who takes care of those little issues with IT that they thought they just “had to deal with as part of technology,” prior to partnering with Blue Net.

Away from Blue Net, Tim spends his time finding new things to teach his son, enjoying his family and racing down ski hills.

Tristan Z.

Tristan is a natural-born problem solver. With his education in computer networking systems and information technology-security, he came to Blue Net looking to make the impossible possible when it comes to technology. Clients appreciate Tristan’s interest in finding solutions to the most complex of challenges, and his ability to fix connectivity issues.

Tristan enjoys challenges away from the office, as well, either disc golfing or participating in some local games and betting at casinos and racetracks.

Craig Y.

Zach W.