Network Monitoring

Blue Net monitors your network 24/7 to ensure it stays up and running around the clock.

Your business needs a network that’s safe and reliable at all hours. That’s exactly what you get when you use Blue Net’s managed network services. We monitor your infrastructure to identify issues that could lead to disruptions. With our solutions, we help your business maximize network uptime.

Network Monitoring Services for the Twin Cities

Your network is a vital part of your business. It enables your team to communicate and collaborate, making your workflow more efficient and productive. However, that infrastructure isn’t immune to technical issues. Regardless of what industry you operate in, your business can’t afford network downtime.

When it comes to optimizing your IT, you won’t find a network support services provider better suited for the job than Blue Net. We use advanced monitoring tools to analyze your network in real time. If an issue is detected, our experienced technicians are alerted immediately, allowing us to fix the problem before it has a chance to interrupt your operations.

Who Should Use Outsourced Network Support?

A computer network maintenance plan is a service that any organization can benefit from, especially small and medium-sized businesses. Managing a network requires specific knowledge and training that your employees may not have. Our solution not only saves you time and resources, but also gives you access to experts who specialize in this field.

The Blue Net Difference

Blue Net is not your average network monitoring provider. We take a proactive approach to monitoring your network, assessing your data in real time. When our technicians are notified of an issue, we know precisely what actions to take to defend your systems from inefficiencies or outside threats. Once the problem is pinpointed, we determine the extent of the vulnerability and make adjustments accordingly.

Support When You Need It

Whether you’re experiencing a full-blown IT crisis or your software just needs a simple patch, Blue Net is always there to provide the support you need.

Common Issues Network Monitoring Can Catch

The goal of our network monitoring services is to give you peace of mind from knowing our technicians are here to keep your network running optimally. Typical issues often discovered by network monitoring include:

  • Failing hard drives: Your hard drives contain crucial data for your business operations. Our infrastructure monitoring tools send an alert as soon as trouble begins, so our technicians can back up information from the hard drive and replace it before total failure occurs.
  • Antivirus software issues: Our monitoring services can detect if your antivirus software is missing, disabled, or needs an update.
  • Malfunctioning services: The applications you use rely on background processes. If these processes stop working, it can lead to application failure. Our monitoring tools detect when applications start acting strangely and can automatically reboot those applications.
  • Low disk space: When your computer or server is running slowly or freezes, one of the most likely culprits is low disk space. This is particularly troubling for servers, since all users are impacted by the affected server. With network monitoring, the administrator will be notified before the disk space is low enough to affect users.
  • High CPU usage: Another issue that’s known for slowing down computers is high central processing unit (CPU) usage. The administrator can keep an eye on CPU usage and adjust processes if needed when alerted by network monitoring software.
  • Missing operating system updates: Our monitoring tools evaluate your operating system (OS) and tell us if it’s missing an update. If an update is needed, our technicians update your OS to the latest version for you.

How We Keep Your Network Secure

With the ever-growing number of cyberthreats, cybersecurity is a significant concern in the business world. Blue Net understands how important it is to keep your sensitive information away from prying eyes. That’s why we use cutting-edge security measures to prevent any cyberthreat that comes your way. From assessments to consulting, we go above and beyond to keep your company secure.

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