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Network Design

Blue Net can design your network infrastructure to be secure, reliable, and effective.

Success depends on more than just the hardworking individuals that make up your organization. Your network infrastructure also plays an important role. A great network doesn’t just connect devices together; it enables your staff to communicate, collaborate, and manage projects with ease. Before a network can be great, however, it needs to be built through in-depth network planning.

Secure Network Design Services

In today’s world, almost all business operations rely on a functional network. If your infrastructure is unreliable, your company could suffer from costly disruptions. At the same time, a network that’s built without consideration for your business needs could lead to problems with efficiency and productivity. You need an infrastructure that’s customized to fit seamlessly into your business.

For the best in network design solutions, turn to the experts at Blue Net. We approach network planning by making you the focal point. This means we take the time to understand your business and how it uses technology. With this knowledge, we develop a network that’s perfectly suited to handle all your daily operations while being secure and scalable.

Microsoft-Certified Technicians

Microsoft’s Azure network architecture is a great option for most organizations. It offers a broad set of capabilities that can maximize the potential of any IT environment. However, because of this service’s complexity, it can be difficult to design a network around your needs.

At Blue Net, we believe in giving our clients the best solutions to help them overcome their IT challenges. If you’re interested in integrating Azure, our Microsoft-certified technicians can help. We customize Azure to meet your specifications.

Network Management

Like any other part of your IT, your network can occasionally run into issues. To ensure your infrastructure continues to work around the clock, we offer network management services. Once we finish building out your network, our technicians perform routine assessments to check on network uptime. We also monitor for potential risks that could affect network functionality and identify opportunities for improvement.

Get the Network Your Business Deserves

The Blue Net team understands that your network is an essential part of your business. That’s why we go beyond your expectations to design a network that’s optimized for your operations.

Benefits of Designing Your Network With Blue Net

Creating a network that’s optimized for your operations guarantees that your infrastructure won’t hold your business back. This can result in a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved Productivity: An efficient network allows employees to be more productive.
  • Faster Network Speed: A network that only uses the essential resources your business needs can send and receive data more quickly.
  • Heightened Cybersecurity: With a network designed for your business, you can implement security solutions that address the biggest risks your company faces.
  • Increased Reliability: Your network is better able to handle the constantly growing data generated from your daily actions.
  • Scalability: A strong, custom-made network can be designed to grow with your business, avoiding the need for a redesign in the future.
  • Less Downtime: A network that’s designed by professionals functions consistently as expected.

Network Security

Cyberthreats grow in number and sophistication every year. As a result, staying secure is an ongoing battle that requires strong cybersecurity practices and solutions. No managed service provider takes your security more seriously than Blue Net.

Through our managed security services, you have access to our Cross-Check Assessment. This is a tried and true process in which our technicians perform an in-depth analysis of your IT across multiple divisions. Additionally, we track your network for any suspicious activity and provide security consultation to help you avoid potential threats.


To further ensure the protection of your network, Blue Net has partnered with SonicWall. Specializing in cybersecurity safeguards, SonicWall offers next-generation firewalls that protect your remote workforces, scale and secure distributed networks, and stop advanced cyberthreats in their tracks.

Why Choose Blue Net?

Blue Net is the premier provider of IT services in the Twin Cities area. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow with reliable technology solutions. Since 2009, we’ve helped clients in a variety of industries reach and surpass their business goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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