Network Management

We effectively manage your network, helping you maximize the potential of your resources.

Increased digitization in the business world has resulted in the need for stronger networks that can support video, voice, and data. With our network management services, the Blue Net team helps you optimize your infrastructure, allowing your network and your team to perform at their best.

What Is Network Management?

Your network is essential for your employees to do their job successfully. To keep everything running smoothly, your network needs to be optimized and well maintained. The network support services we offer at Blue Net are designed to accomplish exactly that.

Network management is not a singular service we provide. It actually refers to all of the procedures and tools we use to administer and maintain your network infrastructure. Essentially, we take care of monitoring and controlling the network to ensure its resources are in good shape and being used productively. With managed network services, your staff can experience the full potential of your network.

Get the High-Quality User Experience You Deserve

The better your network functions, the more productive your company can be. Our network administrators ensure your infrastructure is always at its best.

Network Support Services

From a simple office to a company-wide information system, Blue Net can develop, install, and support a highly functional computer networking system that acts as the backbone of your entire information system. The result is greater productivity, flexibility, and profitability. Blue Net ensures you can share files, access printers, or allow guests to use your network seamlessly and securely.

No detail is too small, and no need is too superficial. We listen to you so we can correctly understand your business needs, assess your technology, and design accordingly.

Build Your Network

You get the best equipment and software for your budget. We install your new system on your schedule with minimal disruption, so the impact of any downtime is barely felt.

Our engineers at Blue Net stand by our work. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new network, so we’re there when you need us for support after installation.

What Does Network Management Involve?

Also known as network as a service (NaaS), network management includes a few different components, including:

Network Administration

Network administration involves tracking resources like switches, routers, and servers. It also includes performance monitoring and software updates.

Network Operation

Network operation is a service aimed at ensuring your network functions well. This includes monitoring network activities and proactively identifying and remediating issues.

Network Maintenance

Network maintenance focuses on implementing upgrades and fixes to network resources. It’s also used for proactive measures, like replacing network equipment before it becomes outdated (i.e., routers).

Network Provisioning

Network provisioning is about configuring network resources. This is done for supporting services like voice functions or accommodating additional users.

Network Security

Network security is necessary to protect your systems from cyber risks. We detect and quickly respond to any cyberthreats that endanger your infrastructure.

The Benefits of Managed Network Services

The goal of network management is to maintain the reliability and overall performance of a network. It’s an essential service that businesses can’t afford to be without. It also offers a few other benefits, which include:

Proactive Resolutions

Acting as your network systems administrator, Blue Net performs preventive maintenance checks. These checks give our technicians the information they need to address issues before they become major problems for network users.

Optimized Operations

The solutions that are included in network management provide insight into your overall network performance. Having this information allows us to find ways to improve your network and enhance your operations.

Lower Costs

Hiring an internal team to manage your network can be expensive. Using Blue Net saves money while getting you the service you need.

Reduced Downtime

Downtime is costly no matter what kind of business you run. Relying on a proven partner for network management eliminates the worry about problems in your network.

More Flexibility

Having Blue Net by your side makes it easier to modify your infrastructure as needed.

Why Blue Net?

Our mission at Blue Net is to help you grow your business. We do this by providing you with the solutions and IT strategy you require to gain a leg up on the competition. As the leading IT provider in the Twin Cities, we deliver the first-class, client-focused services and support your business needs to succeed.

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