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Security Assessment

With our Cross-Check Security Assessment, you get a complete overview of your technology. We show you how it is currently laid out, so you can see what works for you and what is working against you.

Our security assessment was developed to give any business, regardless of size or scope, a complete view of its security posture’s strengths and weaknesses.

Why Do You Need a Security Assessment?

Many business owners mistakenly believe that antivirus software and a firewall are all they need to protect their data from a cyberattack. This strategy may be working, further reinforcing the notion that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. This is the wrong way to approach security, and if your business has been operating under this strategy, you are a prime candidate for a Cross-Check Security Assessment from Blue Net.

Who benefits from our Cross Check Security Assessment?

New Businesses

Cyber security is crucial to a start-up business. Network security is just one of many things a business owner must figure out as their business gets off the ground and grows. Blue Net is here to help you plan an airtight security strategy for your up-and-coming business to keep your business secure.

Existing Businesses

Established businesses have had to overcome countless changes in technology. Cyber security is simply an ongoing challenge. It is a challenge that can’t be ignored. Even businesses with a long-standing tradition of adapting to changes in modern technology need an expert’s opinion on their security strategy.

Take a Strategic Approach to Your Cybersecurity With Blue Net

Schedule a Cross-Check Assessment today!

The Cross-Check Assessment

Our security assessment was developed to give any business, regardless of size or scope, a complete view of its security posture’s strengths and weaknesses. 

While many IT firms offer an automated, generalized report, which is of little strategic value, Blue Net performs a comprehensive analysis across multiple departments and divisions. This approach delivers a clear plan for the critical issues facing your entire organization.

Our Blue Net Cross-Check Assessment covers five main business areas:

  • Examines your overall managed IT strategy and goals
  • Documents the types, ages, and condition of your hardware and software
  • Reviews policies and procedures for data backup including disaster recovery plans
  • Dives into your security setup to verify it is protecting your critical data
  • Reviews current training for IT staff and your end-users

This assessment allows us to present you with a complete overview of your strengths and weaknesses, your major security risks, and showcases the opportunities you have to improve your security posture and protect your vital business data.

Are You Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

Every precaution and security program has its own strengths and weaknesses. That is why we recommend that you take a layered approach to constructing your cyber security controls. 

We believe in structuring your security so that every protection is supported by another and every weakness is covered by another’s strength. You can have peace of mind with a combination of services like 24/7 monitoring, Office 365 implementation, vulnerability testing, data backups, disaster recovery (DR), and managed network security. 

Build Your Business—Leave the Cyber Security to Us

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