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Non-Profit IT Support

Empower Your Organization With Non-Profit IT Services

As a non-profit organization, you put the needs of your community first and strive to make a difference in the world. However, that can be challenging without the right IT support. Non-profit organizations typically rely on limited resources to accomplish their goals. Because of this, you need a cost-effective solution that empowers your organization to deliver exceptional results, fundraise effectively, and protect sensitive information. Failure to partner with the right nonprofit IT consulting partner can negatively impact your fundraising strategy—your systems may lack efficiency, and you may potentially expose private client data and financial information.

Blue Net offers a wide range of managed IT services for non-profit organizations that allow you to streamline your organization, improve communication and collaboration, and enhance your overall effectiveness. We strive to set your IT environment up for success so you can focus on finding new, innovative fundraising solutions, performing prospect research and strategic planning, and engaging with your community. We provide personalized IT solutions for each of our nonprofit clients, helping you increase productivity and efficiency, maintain compliance, and prevent unexpected downtime and data breaches.

Find Non-Profit IT Consulting in Minneapolis Today

At Blue Net, we strive to provide our clients with technical support and consulting services that optimize their IT environments and set them up for success. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our non-profit IT support services.

How Our Non-Profit IT Support Enhances Your Operations

Here are just a few of the ways that Blue Net can support your non-profit organization:

Help Desk

As a non-profit organization, you must keep your network up and running to succeed. Dealing with downtime, errors, or misconfigurations can significantly affect your ability to communicate, collaborate, and fundraise. No matter what issue crops up, we provide rapid non-profit IT support that gets you back on track in no time. This prevents critical data loss and unforeseen technical disruptions. Our help desk services are available at a single monthly cost—you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for IT support.

Network Monitoring

Network issues can seriously hamper your ability to do your job. We proactively monitor your network to ensure everything runs optimally, day and night. We keep a lookout for failing hard drives, antivirus software issues, malfunctioning background processes, low disk space, high CPU usage, and system updates to make sure technical issues do not slow you down.

Security Assessments

Non-profit organizations typically store and process large quantities of sensitive data. Because of this, they’re often prime targets for cybercriminals. Blue Net’s security assessment gives you a complete overview of your organization’s security posture, highlighting strengths and identifying weaknesses. We look for backdoors, misconfigurations, and other cybersecurity risks that malicious users may use to breach your system. After identifying these and remediating them, we help you establish an airtight strategy to defend your organization down the road.

Cloud Migration

The cloud is the future of data storage. It enhances overall storage capacity and provides greater scalability and accessibility. However, cloud migrations can be tricky, especially when dealing with large amounts of sensitive data. With Blue Net, you can migrate to the cloud seamlessly and securely. We help you enhance your operations and become a leader in your field.

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