Customer Profile and Industry  

Impact Innovations, Inc. was founded in 1968 in Maynard, Minnesota. The company provides seasonal wholesale décor, fabric and paper products to retailers. The company also provides custom marketing and merchandising products, in-store signage, merchandising displays and loyalty card production for customers throughout North America.


Develop an Internal/External portal for Impact Innovations to manage jobs, and at the same time, allow clients into the portal so that they can collaborate on documents, images and the production process.


SharePoint; SharePoint Workflow

The Challenge

Impact Innovations needed a way to effectively track and store data related to each job and order that a client placed.

BlueNet's Solution

  • We developed a portal using SharePoint Online that allowed access by Impact Innovation's clients.
    • The portal contains a list for Jobs, a library for artwork, a library for accounting files, and a list to manage inventory.
      There are several approval workflows that automatically route new orders for approval and will automatically adjust inventory when orders are finalized. Alerts are sent when inventory gets low.
  • The base site was saved as a template and a new subsite gets created for each client so it can be customized with the clients logo and handle other unique needs.


Impact Innovations now has a one stop shop for orders, artwork files, and accounting files for their clients. It provides both Impact Innovations and their clients with a flexible and portable platform to collaborate and transfer data. This solution has eliminated hundreds of emails with attachments and potentially secure information. Impact Innovations and their clients now get alerts when key events happen and can visit their portal daily to see new information that needs their attention.