Multi-Factor Authentication – beyond a password

Hackers around the globe try trillions of password combinations per second. Ninety percent are guessed in a short time. Facebook found 600,000 imposters were attempting to access users’ accounts every day using these guessed passwords. Multi-factor authentication makes it nearlyimpossible for a hacker to use found passwords to access your corporate account information because users need a second factor which they possess such as a mobile phone and access code.

Enabling MFA is easy, smooth adoption needs some planning

Enabling MFA in Office 365 is a click of a single button, but it takes some planning and communication to ensure your users find the experience smooth and painless. Blue Net’s MFA Quick Start gives you the tools to analyze and plan enable MFA at your organization.

Bluenet’s MFA Quick Start give you the tools to:

  • Analyze – Review your environment and explore paths to enable
  • Plan Communications – Be ready to send messages to coach users on how MFA works
  • Support – Recourses to get users up and running MFA quickly and frustration free