CIOs are hired to be strategic, but often spend most of their time in the weeds. Become strategic again with Blue Net’s Cross-Check Assessment.

While many IT firms offer an automated report, which offers little strategic value, here at Blue Net we perform a comprehensive probe across departments and divisions delivering a clear plan for the critical issues facing your entire organization.

Our Blue Net Cross-Check Assessment covers five main business areas. We will:

  • Examine your overall IT strategy and goals.
  • Document the type, age and condition of your hardware and software.
  • Review policies and procedures for Backup. Do you have a Disaster and Recovery plan?
  • Dive into your security setup to verify it is protecting your critical data.
  • Review current training for both technical IT staff and your end-users.

Blue Net’s Cross-Check Assessment provides you with a complete overview of your company’s technology and the roadmap you need to meet your business goals.

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