If you need support and do not have access to the Client Portal. Submit your ticket here.

You may also email: Tickets@bluenetinc.com

You may also call: 651-203-8850

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  • Technical Support: Help with Hardware and/or Software issues including: installations, configuration, functionality, file recovery, networking, licensing, printing

    Customer Service: Requesting Account Manager, Sales, billing questions or assistance with the Customer Portal

  • Priority 1 – Critical
    There is a crippling impact on business operations (i.e. a production system is down) or a security threat that could or has compromised data (i.e. active hacking attempts).
    Affecting ≥ 50% of users

    Priority 2 – High
    There is an important need or the business is having a significant impact on operations (i.e. application is functional but performance is impacted).
    Affecting < 50% of users

    Priority 3 – Normal
    There is a need for IT support (i.e. a user cannot login or cannot print to printer).
    Affecting 10% of users

    Priority 4 – Low
    IT support is needed but does not need to be done quickly or project work is needed (i.e. deploy a new user).
    Affecting ≤ 10% of users

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