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Maximize Your Investment in Technology with Blue Net Business Solution Development Services.

So many software development services are mismanaged because of bad communication. Blue Net understands what your company needs, and we know how to deliver it.

What Can Software Development Services Create for You Today?

Microsoft Office offers a vast array of features and functions right out of the box. Microsoft’s goal is that anyone can configure and combine these tools to create business solutions. Sounds great! But there are two big challenges:

First Challenge—You already have a fulltime job. When are you going to find the time to research these tools and learn how to build solutions? There are often numerous ways to accomplish something—which is the best for your situation? If you’re successful and your business ends up relying on a solution, who will support and enhance it?  Blue Net has experts that spend all day, every day, working with this technology and we make significant investments in staying on top of new features and best practices. We’ll help you pick the right technology, build a solution efficiently and effectively, and keep it running.

Second Challenge—As extensive and powerful as the out-of-the-box features may be, they don’t do everything. Getting 80% of a solution still means you’re missing the rest, and that means you’re not getting the full benefits. Perhaps it’s not worth doing at all because that missing functionality is just too important. Blue Net’s software development services developers can go well beyond the built-in functionality and actually extend and enhance Microsoft’s products, using officially sanctioned techniques that are fully supported.

Blue Net uses the following technologies to provide customers with custom solutions:

  • PowerApps and Flow for process automation and workflows
  • SharePoint/Teams API for synchronizing data with on-premises sources
  • Business Connectivity Services for data integration
  • SQL Azure for cloud databases
  • Azure Functions for complex business processes requiring C# and .Net
  • ASP.NET web pages and web services for integration


This phase is where we get to know your business needs. We find the best software solution and tools to work with your existing framework. Your software is designed to meet your exact specifications. 


Seamless deployment is crucial, not only to avoid costly downtime, but to make sure the new technology is accepted into the culture of your business, avoiding any animosity toward the “new way” of doing things.


Once your software goes live, Blue Net is there to make sure it stays live through our ongoing support services. When the time comes to upgrade your technology, we are there to make sure it’s done right.

Spreadsheets Are Great Business Tools, But Our Custom Software Takes You One Step Further

Blue Net’s custom software development gives you technology developed solely for your use and customized to your exact business specifications.

Our Project Management Services

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in information worker solutions and custom development solutions. Our experience spans multiple industries and application types. Our services ​include: ​

  • Application architecture, design, review, and recommendations
  • Website design and development
  • Database design, review, and recommendations
  • MS Access application development
  • .NET Web application development
  • .NET Windows application development
  • Migrating ASP, MS Access, and VB Applications to .NET
  • Migrating databases to SQL Server
  • Ongoing application support
  • Web and Windows-based reporting solutions
  • Staff training and mentoring

Blue Net is the Right Development Team at the Right Time

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace, and new tools become available every quarter. This opens up new opportunities to market your products and services, and allows your teams to be more flexible and to simply do business better. We are structured to deliver results that range from complex, enterprise-level applications to right-sized services tailored to small projects. Our versatility of services, combined with our strong focus on Microsoft technologies, enables us to deliver software solutions for companies of all sizes.

Your Software Development Services Partner

Whether you have specific technology gaps and need a developer to complete a project or if you need a team of experts to handle the entire process, Blue Net can fulfill your company’s technology needs.

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