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Get started fast with customizable, pre-packaged solutions to common business challenges.

Blue Net has worked with hundreds of companies for over a dozen years building custom SharePoint and Office 365 business solutions.

Customized SharePoint Solutions From Years of Experience

During that time we’ve repeatedly run into some common requests that nearly every business needs. Rather than creating your next project from scratch, you can start with one of our products—using them as-is or customized to fit your unique needs. Because these products are open and built on Office 365 technologies, anyone can maintain and extend them, making them a cost-efficient investment.

Our SharePoint products are essentially starting points, templates that we’ve built from working with other customers. No two companies are exactly the same, however, and from this starting point we can implement the tools and abilities your business needs.

Customer Relationship Management Lite

CRM Lite for SharePoint is built solely on Microsoft SharePoint lists. It inter-connects the lists to form relationships between companies, contacts, and opportunities. The home page serves as a full dashboard view of your open opportunities with rapid access to all relevant information. Sync the contact list to Outlook to get full email integration with your contacts. It’s very easy to customize for your specific sales process.

Paid Time Off Approval Workflow

Keep track of paid time off (PTO) budgets and consumption, with a manager approval workflow and scheduling rules for groups or roles with minimum staffing requirements. For example, no more than two of twelve service technicians can schedule PTO at the same time.

Out-Of-Office Calendar Management

Maintain a shared calendar of Out-of-Office (OOO) dates for key staff members. In addition to the usual calendar details like dates and locations, this OOO app allows you to indicate the level of Internet access you’re anticipating, from full connectivity to email-only all the way to no access at all. It also indicates the nature of the entry, like working from home, travel day, at a customer site, on vacation, and so on.

Training and Certification Tracker

Keep on top of staff training and certification requirements, so managers have ample warning about expiring certifications or upcoming training. Automated alerts are sent to both staff and managers at key points in the certification lifecycle. Build a reference and resource library and include links in the alerts, so staff members have all the information they need at their fingertips.

New Employee HR Onboarding

The HR Onboarding App is designed to streamline and simplify the process of bringing a new employee onboard into your organization. In many organizations, onboarding new employees can be a complicated and laborious process. Multiple departments are typically involved, leading to missed steps and other delays. You define one or more roles in your organization and add onboarding steps as a template for each role. Steps can be done in parallel or be sequenced as a gate that requires approval before next steps can be taken. 

True Field Validation for SharePoint Document Libraries

With modern-mode SharePoint, a user isn’t required to fill out a field, even when you make it required! Instead, the file is uploaded and flagged as needing attention. When using classic-mode SharePoint, files missing a required field are checked out with no versioning and only the creator can see the file. Neither are ideal situations because the file is essentially invisible and in limbo, waiting for someone to notice and take action. BlueNet’s solution ensures that all required fields are present before a file can be uploaded. 

Document Approval Workflow

This app automates and streamlines the process of approving a draft or revision of key documents, so they can be moved out of collaboration spaces (like Teams or SharePoint) and shared more widely as formally approved versions with appropriate permissions. For example, an updated Employee Handbook or a new contract template.

Event Organizer

The Event Creation and Management app enables event managers and other users to easily organize events like a corporate conference or trade fair. Event attendees can self-register quickly and easily, and they can sign up to receive updates about conference news, special sessions, and general information. Event managers can track registrations, check-in event participants, and access real-time statistics about event attendance.

Email Attachment Parsing and Routing

For repetitive business processes that involve email attachments or any email for that matter, this app parses email components like the subject line, body and attachments and routes the email to the correct person or collaboration location (like Teams or SharePoint), renames the attachment, and moves it to a document library. Depending on the type of document, key identifiers like purchase order numbers or account names can be extracted and used for routing.

Travel Approval

The Travel Request app allows company employees to easily submit travel requests from desktop or mobile devices. Travel Requests are automatically routed to the appropriate manager and the travel department for approval. This reduces processing time. Managers can also access status reports for all travel requests to verify current status and manage the travel budget.

Recurring Tasks/Notifications

The Recurring Tasks/Notifications app allows you to create a recurring process that needs action taken. It is designed add more functionality than a simple outlook recurring event. For example, it could be used if you needed to send out a group email to all managers on the first of every month, but you didn’t want it to go out on a weekend. The managers must reply to the email, so you have a dashboard showing how many managers responded each month. This app gives you the functionality to set up such scenarios.

Why SharePoint Matters

Your business has probably operated under the same processes for years, and while they get the job done, there are better ways. Now with many workforces working remotely, it is more important than ever to automate processes and have them available to everyone in the organization, not just those in the office. 

This is what makes SharePoint such an important upgrade for your business. It is a limitless work tool that allows your employees to access important documents and applications from a simple web browser. With Blue Net, you can truly do anything.

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