Sharepoint Health Check

Take advantage of our SharePoint Health Check.

Our SharePoint Health Check makes sure your software is working the way it should.

What The HealthCheck Does

  • Check the patch level for each server.​​
  • Evaluate the SQL server version and the DB size growth.
  • Determine the hardware or virtual resources the servers reside on and if they meet the minimum standard requirements for their farm size.
  • Review CPUs, memory, disk space used/available, 32 or 64-bit.
  • Analyze the number of SharePoint end users and if there are enough resources to handle future growth.
  • Audit security methods and see if they are properly configured.
  • Determine if SharePoint Services are properly configured with the recommended accounts.
  • Assess whether maintenance needs to be done on the server.
  • Check the frequency of Windows and SharePoint updates and whether they are being tested on Stage before applying to production.
  • Analyze if Search is configured correctly, if there are any crawl errors, and if the frequencies of incremental and full crawls.
  • Review the backup and disaster recovery plan, and how often it is tested.
  • Determine how SharePoint backups are performed.
  • Assess the effect that customizations and 3rd party tools are having on the site’s performance.
  • Conduct an audit of custom branding, custom master pages, custom written code and Web parts.
  • Check the SSL cert status to see if the SharePoint site is accessible externally.
  • Determine if the AAMs (Alternate Access Mappings) are configured properly.
  • Assess if SharePoint is securely behind a firewall.
  • Determine if HTTP access is available externally.

Investigate if user profiles are being crawled properly and if disabled Active Directory accounts are being removed correctly and on a schedule.

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