Office 365 Project Management

When you need a better way to get things done, Office 365 project management is the path your business needs to take and Blue Net is the partner that will get you there.

How can your business increase productivity and security at the same time? Office 365.

Harness the Power of Office 365 With Blue Net

If your business isn’t already using Office 365 project management, what’s stopping you? Could it be:

  • You’re satisfied with your current offline business tools?
  • It’s too expensive and you want to reduce costs, not add more?
  • You don’t have the staff to oversee cloud computing?

The reality is with Blue Net, none of these reasons should stop your business from harnessing the best that Microsoft has to offer. Your employees deserve and need the best possible tools, so they can get the job done.

Office 365 Cloud Services Mean Flexible, Focused Business Tools For Your Organization

Blue Net has helped many of our clients modernize and streamline their businesses. Find out more about how we can do the same for you!

Why Office 365?

You may be thinking that your normal, offline productivity tools are adequate enough, but all businesses that use these tools should consider the additional benefits that come with Office 365. Like many Microsoft products, it has become the standard for productivity.

Use familiar tools Office 365 works seamlessly with Microsoft tools you already use, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more. It has all the capabilities of the programs offered on a subscription model, and with Blue Net, migration from the old platform to the new is quick and easy. All your employees will see are some amazing new features and abilities, and none of the hassle. 

Collaborate with ease No more multiple drafts of documents or large attachments to emails. Sharing a Word doc or spreadsheet is as easy as cutting and pasting a link. With Microsoft, you can even send instant messages and invite co-workers and customers to participate in online meetings, where you can review and work with the same document. 

Give your employees the flexibility they need The new reality of today’s workplace is most employees don’t strictly work 9 to 5. Office 365 gives access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars from almost any device, meaning your employees are free to work where and when they choose. 

Anything you need, when you need it Microsoft offers much more than word processing, presentation software, and spreadsheets. It offers a full suite of business tools, like Microsoft Teams, that can be added and removed whenever you need it, and best of all, many of these tools are free. 

Enjoy easy flexibility and scalability In the old days, you would need to buy a license to get a full Microsoft Office suite, which was time consuming and costly if you overestimated the number of licenses you needed. With Office 365, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, which lowers your overall costs and makes them predictable and easy to manage

How Blue Net Makes a Difference

We have helped businesses just like yours migrate to Office 365. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, and this allows us to provide Microsoft-certified experts to assist with planning and migrating your current data from your old methods to Office 365. This includes:

  • An initial and annual cloud licensing and usage review
    • Analysis of your cloud licensing usage
    • Match your licensing to your business needs—pay for only what you need
    • Sharing best practices with examples of how other businesses are using Office 365 and Azure
  • Management of your software licensing including renewals and upgrades
  • Additional enhanced support options
  • Consolidated invoicing with other Blue Net services
  • Extensive cloud migration knowledge and experience

Simplify your life, empower your employees, expand your business, and lower your costs with Office 365 and Blue Net

The right IT partner is essential in today’s business world.

Build Powerful Business Solutions

Office 365 has a rich collection of tools, collectively called the Power Platform, for anyone (not just professional programmers) to use to build business solutions. Power Apps, Power Automate, and Flow can accomplish amazing things without code, making SharePoint, Teams, Outlook, Planner, ToDo and the rest of Office 365 do much more for you.

Build Your Business—Leave the Office 365 Tools to Us

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