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The Problems With the Break-Fix IT Model

Are you spending too much  on IT support? The Break-fix model could be to blame. 

How Break-Fix Is an Outdated Method

IT support has truly come a long way. In the early days of outsourced IT help, consultants would be called when the computers wouldn’t turn on or when the internet wouldn’t work. But as technology improved, it also became more complicated, which meant the outside IT help businesses needed more time and expertise to solve the same problems. 

Does your business still operate this way? Here are some reasons why this is a dangerous way to do business, and why a trusted IT partner like Blue Net is one of your greatest assets. 

If you are calling for help, the damage has already been done – If your systems go down, someone has to be found to fix them. And as your business scrambles to find a solution, you aren’t doing business. An hour of downtime can mean thousands of dollars of revenue lost for little reason. 

When something breaks, the fix is usually expensive – Say a power surge damages half a dozen monitors. Yes, the employees using those monitors have to wait for a replacement, but the replacements need to be bought. How much more expensive is this compared to investing in a robust surge protector that would have protected the monitors in the first place? 

Break-fix is very short sighted – When you call for IT support when something goes wrong, who is planning your future? The rationale that a business owner always knows what’s best for the business is only predicated on their experience. Technology is such an important part of your growth and future that it’s a dangerous strategy to entrust it with someone who isn’t an expert.

Blue Net Has a Better Way. Or, more accurately, Blue Net is the better way. A managed IT partner is the modern way businesses solve their technology questions.t.

How Blue Net Can Save You Money

 A managed IT partner is the modern way businesses solve their technology questions. A managed services agreement with Blue Net provides IT professionals who are ready to solve issues as they arise and proactively find ways to prevent them from happening in the future. 

24/7 monitoring and support – Your technology partner can analyze the traffic on your network and resolve any issues before they affect your users and their productivity. Even if your systems were to go down, Blue Net is already working on the problem.

Reliable updates – When updates go ignored or are incomplete, your networks are in danger. Blue Net uses cutting-edge technology to make sure your systems have the latest security updates and bug fixes.

An IT roadmap for the future – Technology is the key that unlocks many doors, and the best way to plan for new and exciting opportunities is to partner with Blue Net. We have worked with technology a long time. We take the time to understand your business, embrace your vision for the future, and give you the tools you need to accomplish your business goals.

Are You Ready for an IT Partner?

If your business has been operating under a break-fix model for your IT, Blue Net has a better way. Call us today for a free consultation. The modern workplace is one that easily adapts to change and growth.  We can show you how your technology can transform the way you do business.

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Blue Net

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