Are there any additional costs?

No. In fact, it can be less than going direct with Microsoft! CSP gives you month to month rates when going direct with Microsoft often requires a year commitment to get a lower monthly license cost.

What support options are there?

Instead of calling a distant 800 number to a giant call center for support, CSP customers call Blue Net when they need help with their Office 365 services and applications. Generally, here is the scope of free support services as a CSP customer.

  • Help identifying online service issues. E.g. mail will not send or receive, SharePoint pages will not load, admin account locked out
  • Help identifying application installation issues. E.g. Applications will not install or crash frequently
  • Help in identifying connectivity issues. E.g. Your computer keeps asking for password even though you check the "remember it" box.
  • Help to determine if service issues exists at Microsoft and if a ticket needs to be opened with Microsoft to resolve things on the back end.

What free support does not cover?

Most issues can be quickly resolved by our team for free. However, for application installation issues or apps crashing, we will attempt to repair and reinstall the software or create a new profile for Outlook. If a repair/reinstall does not resolve the issue, we often need to reinstall the operating system from scratch. A re-installation of the device's operating system is not covered under CSP support. Also, troubleshooting 3rd party plug-ins and add-ons are not covered.

Does this mean I can't contact Microsoft's Support?

No. After we do our initial troubleshooting, we are happy to open a ticket with Microsoft to get things resolved if that is the best route to go.