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Top Office 365 Features You Own But Are Not Using
Office 365 subscriptions come packed with numerous features and tools that aren’t obvious “go to solutions” on first glance and thus get over-looked in the long term. You’re undoubtedly using the familiar Office products like Outlook, Word and Excel every day. Are you confused about the different versions of OneDrive and when to use one of those instead of SharePoint? What about Office Teams? Groups? Planner? Looked at Delve once and it made no sense? What can you do with Forms, and why?

Both-Shoring: A Legacy Application Model That Works
Using the right model on the right projects, even small and medium-sized companies can take advantage of the economies and efficiencies of using offshore software development resources. It’s all about having a process that works. We call it Both-Shoring.

Integrating SharePoint into your Business Cloud Strategy
When evaluating applications, services and business processes that could be moved to the cloud, it's important to include SharePoint Online in your planning. SharePoint Online can function as a hub around which other cloud applications and services can be organized, as well as a resource other applications and services can utilize. As your legacy software applications reach their end of life, you have many options for extending and expanding by moving workloads to the right cloud technology.

Integrating Cloud Services with Legacy Software Applications
Application software does not last forever. At some point, some combination of challenges and opportunities make it clear that it’s time to retire, replace or retrofit. In this article of a continuing series, we’ll make the case for considering integrating cloud services with your existing business software.